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No.871  [Reply]
¨ No.872
any time travelers?
¨ No.873
see >>854 for an interesting board

No.801  [Reply]
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¨ No.826
v2 onions are useless since they will all stop working soon.
¨ No.828
I know, just found those hosts. Before that, you can download all available stuff from those hosts. Also, they can make some type of redirect to the v3 onion.
¨ No.868
How do I download a directory the non terrible way? torsocks wget [URL] did not resolve hostname properly. Or do I miss something?
¨ No.869

File: 1615118371236.png–(638.73KB, 698x1280, 698px-Sword_Shield_Nessa.png)
No.379  [Reply]
Well another Pokémon bae.
¨ No.865
um nigger?
¨ No.867
¨ No.879
Pokémon-based nigger. :-)

File: 1613337945105.png–(62.67KB, 240x247, TRANS.png)
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¨ No.360
1615055920583.mp4–(1.82MB, 608x1080, 0:10, bathroombuddy.mp4)
¨ No.406
I grimaced
¨ No.410
1615312728241.jpg–(19.54KB, 360x450, Everything_okay_face.jpg)
¨ No.855
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Why, oh why, must we be subjected to this???

File: 1617555590792.jpg–(113.08KB, 401x533, 1141155099986.jpg)
No.679  [Reply]
Why is she so cute and sweet?

How is she so cute and sweet?

It is a mystery

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¨ No.791
1617991306734.jpg–(160.30KB, 480x640, 11.jpg)

¨ No.792
1617991331849.jpg–(85.93KB, 421x453, 1140913978688.jpg)

¨ No.793
1617991358030.jpg–(110.93KB, 439x595, 18.jpg)

¨ No.851
1618419570137.jpg–(77.11KB, 480x640, 1145273695086.jpg)

No.433  [Reply]
How to upload files with your smartphone



network.proxy.socks =
network.proxy.socks_port = 9050
network.proxy.ssl =
network.proxy.ssl_port = 8118
network.proxy.type = 1


¨ No.524
¨ No.849
Is this why I can't post photos on here???
¨ No.850

No.559  [Reply]
Chinese economy to overtake US 'by 2028' due to Covid

26 December 2020

China will overtake the US to become the world's largest economy by 2028, five years earlier than previously forecast, a report says.

The UK-based Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said China's "skilful" management of Covid-19 would boost its relative growth compared to the US and Europe in coming years.

Meanwhile India is tipped to become the third largest economy by 2030.

¨ No.594
¨ No.848
Well that's just awesome, innit

File: 1617961242145.mp4–(6.21MB, 1280x720, 2:29, Monkey MindPong Picture-in-Picture.mp4)
No.779  [Reply]
Musk’s mind-machine interface company, Neuralink, has released startling footage that purports to show a monkey playing video games using only its brain.
Pager, a nine-year-old macaque, was hooked up to a Neuralink system six weeks ago and trained to play a variety of video games in exchange for a banana smoothie delivered through a straw.

During this time, the links recorded activity from the more than 2,000 electrodes that had been implanted in Pager’s motor cortex, responsible for arm and hand movements, and wirelessly fed them to a machine-learning algorithm.

This decoder algorithm sensed modulations in the monkey’s neurons and allowed the system to predict intended hand movements via a mathematical model of neural activity and the corresponding joystick movements.

Researchers calibrated the system by monitoring Pager’s brain waves as it manipulated a joystick, before eventually disconnecting the controller – unbeknown to the monkey, it was now playing the MindPong game with just its brain and no manual input.
¨ No.829
Yup I don't trust anything of that sort. Ultimately making our brains IoT devices is just asking for trouble
¨ No.846
>I wanna have sex in virtual reality!

No.796  [Reply]
What is the oldfag secret to showing images on torchan
¨ No.798
that shit is ancient and completely dead. nobody cares.
¨ No.816
Currently almost nobody uses TorChan.

File: 1617955716113.jpg–(303.76KB, 1160x2063, AB3FA6FB-6C7A-412A-9DE1-C83D0A6C703E.jpeg)
No.778 Locked  [Reply]
Hey guys.
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¨ No.795
1618014874664.jpg–(69.18KB, 400x533, squid.jpg)
Hey what
¨ No.806
1618108194648.jpg–(77.36KB, 800x645, kiss.jpg)
I had a dream that I was making out with a cute cat I used to know, but it was a boy. Does that mean I'm gay now?
¨ No.807
you're a degenerate furfaggot is what you are
¨ No.810
1618162380008.jpg–(20.64KB, 320x200, sonicx.jpg)
It was just a nice catboi dream. I'm totally not a furry freak. Gonna go play some gaymes now.

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