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File: 1617536348425.jpg–(61.10KB, 1920x1080, gmail-logo.jpg)
No.675  [Reply]
The list is freshly extracted from an active dating site.

I will sell the complete list to only 1 buyer.

1% of the users have a paid profile.

10% had a paid profile in the past.

List includes Email, IPv4, gender, location, profile text and more.

Payment in BTC or ETH.

- [email protected]

Embed: [Shaollin Animes] Zero no Tsukaima F 02–(Vimeo)
No.366  [Reply]
[Shaollin Animes] Zero no Tsukaima F 02
¨ No.653
beyond based homeboy

File: 1617364663167.jpg–(23.94KB, 474x569, 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.jpeg)
No.657  [Reply]

File: 1617274673530.png–(426.28KB, 1020x573, image.png)
No.651  [Reply]
Here are all episodes so far. Around 400 MB a pop, mkv format. The final 5th and 6th episode will be broadcast this Sunday evening on HBO.





No.641  [Reply]
hey geys could you please join my minecraft server it is very cool and popular this is the ip
¨ No.649

No.611  [Reply]
Ganbatte textboard is now opened!


Tor: http://ganbte7ab7ngh73d4v4oyaoyuwqrriddfznvxzebak63jxnlwuleunqd.onion/

             /∧        /∧
           / / λ     / / λ
          /  /  λ   /  /  λ
        /   /  /λ /   /  /λ
       /    / / //λ    / / //λ
     /            ̄ ̄ ̄      \
    /        / ̄ )         ( ̄ヽ λ   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
   /        /●/          \● /λ <  Ganbatte!
  /        //    ∧     ∧   \  /λ \________
  |              λ ` ー― ´/      / /|      *    *
 |               λV V V V/      / //|  + |\  |\ |\  +
 |               λ|   |/      / / //|    |_λ|__λ|__λ|\
 |                λAA/       / ///// +  | /λ /λ /λ-λ
  |                 λ/     / / ////|  ノ| | /λ /λ /λ /λ
  \                      / / ///// /\| ノ  /λ /λ /λ / |
   \                  / / //////// |  /|  ////////////|
     ―/ / / / / / // // ////////////―   |  /|  ////////////|
¨ No.629
¨ No.643
It has come to our attention that Ganbatte is running a Paedophilia network of spambots.

The lead admin is called Patch is running bots from South Korea and Russia.

We are warning imageboards and textboards to block Ganbatte bots from posting.





They now have a list of boards to spam Including this one.

File: 1616918225158.jpg–(106.02KB, 720x770, Trespassing and selling drugs aren't low level cri)
No.637  [Reply]
Baltimore Will No Longer Prosecute ‘Low Level Crimes’ Like Prostitution, Trespassing, Urinating in Public and Selling Drugs

March 27, 2021

The crime riddled city of Baltimore will no longer be prosecuting “low level crimes” including prostitution and drug distribution, the State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced on Friday.

Crimes that they will no longer prosecute include:

CDS (drug) possession
>Attempted distribution CDS
Paraphernalia possession
Minor traffic offenses
Open container
Rogue and vagabond
Urinating/defecating in public

The crumbling city has already had 44 murders and 94 non-fatal shootings this year.

In a press release about their new acceptance of certain crimes, Mosby’s office said that “policies enacted over the past year have resulted in a decrease in arrests, no adverse impact on the crime rate, and address the systemic inequity of mass incarceration. Therefore, the State’s Attorney also announced today the permanent adoption of these policies as we continue to prioritize the prosecution of public safety crimes over low-level, non-violent offenses.”

>“Today, America’s war on drug users is over in the city of Baltimore. We leave behind the era of tough-on-crime prosecution and zero tolerance policing and no longer default to the status quo to criminalize mostly people of color for addiction. We will develop sustainable solutions and allow our public health partners to do their part to address mental health and substance use disorder,” said State’s Attorney Mosby.

The mayor applauded the decision.
Post truncated. Click Reply to view.
¨ No.639
Some of this isn't really that bad

And the rest is a terrible idea. Baltimore is about to get 10x shittier overnight if they're going to just permit half of this shit.

File: 1616775843095.png–(967.25KB, 1694x827, [email protected]_13.png)
No.627  [Reply]
The full changelog since Desktop Tor Browser 10.0.13 is:

Windows + OS X + Linux
Update Firefox to 78.9.0esr
Update NoScript to 11.2.3
Update Tor to
Bug 40031: Remove survey banner on TB-stable
Build System
Bug 40249: Bump mingw-w64 and clang for Firefox 78.9
¨ No.638
New Release: Tor Browser 10.0.15

The full changelog since Desktop Tor Browser 10.0.14 is:

Windows + OS X + Linux
Update Openssl to 1.1.1k
Bug 40030: Add 'noscript' capability to NoScript

No.420  [Reply]
¨ No.617
amd is better!
¨ No.635
Dead already, or am I to dumb to reach it?
¨ No.636
it's dead

File: 1616841301461.jpg–(1.16MB, 2048x1365, Taiwanese girl at night in Ximen District downtown)
No.631  [Reply]
There was a Capitalist Chinese government in the mainland China. But the Chinese communist rebellion broke civil war and the government lost their control over the mainland China. The government could protect only several islands including Taiwan.

Now we call the communist rebellion China and the real government Taiwan.

<Taiwan lost its status as one of five permanent members of UN Security Council in 1971.
¨ No.632
1616841377197.jpg–(70.74KB, 606x750, The Ultimate Guide to Taiwanese Girls.jpg)
Till 1971, there were five permanent members of UN Security Council:
The USA, the UK, France, the Soviet Union, and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

But Republic of China lost the civil war and lost control over the mainland of China.

>Until 1971, the communist rebellion China even wasn't a member of UN!
¨ No.633
Now we call the communist rebellion "China".
And we call the legitimate government "Taiwan".
¨ No.634

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