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File: 1616304920984.jpg–(44.86KB, 992x558, HT_harvard_bomb_hoax_eldo_kim_sk_131218_16x9_992.j)
No.572  [Reply]
Harvard's Accused Bomb Hoaxer Granted Bail, Banned From Campus

Eldo Kim had to renounce his South Korean citizenship to get bail.

December 18, 2013

BOSTON Dec. 18, 2013— -- A Harvard University student accused of sending emails warning of hidden "shrapnel bombs" on campus to get out of taking his final exams was granted bail today after agreeing to renounce his dual citizenship with South Korean and surrender his passport so he couldn't flee the country.

Sophomore Eldo Kim was also banned from Harvard's campus without specific permission and an escort.

Kim, 20, pleaded not guilty and was released on $100,000 bond. The government was initially concerned about granting him bail because he had dual citizenship with the U.S. and South Korea, and feared that he could flee the country. Kim agreed to renounce his South Korean citizenship and surrender his South Korean passport.

Kim allegedly wrote that two shrapnel bombs had been hidden in several buildings on the campus. No bombs were found on the campus, but the threat created exam-day chaos that led to the postponement of final exams.

"According to Kim, he was motivated by a desire to avoid a final exam," FBI special agent Thomas Dalton wrote in the affidavit.

¨ No.573
Failing grade: Alleged Harvard bomb hoaxer needed more than Tor to cover his tracks, experts say

Dec. 18, 2013

Most universities also require students to register their computers in order to use their wireless network. That could have helped narrow the field considerably. If, for example, only 10 students were connected to Tor through Harvard's Wi-Fi, said Wisniewsk, the FBI could identify those computers and their owners, and then knock on those 10 doors until they found their suspect.

Bruce Schneier, a security expert and fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, thinks that is probably what happened.

"Basically, if you're using a tool that gives you plausible deniability, it also makes you the most likely candidate," he wrote in an email to NBC News. "And while the FBI might not be able to prove you were the Tor user that made the bomb threat, they can revert to conventional investigation mechanisms to bridge that gap. Tor didn't break; Kim did."

There are precautions Kim could have taken, experts said. Reporters and political dissidents, using the Internet in conflict areas like Syria, are taught to boot up Tor from USB thumb drives or compact discs instead of their hard drives.

Kim could have used a computer other than his own MacBook Pro or logged onto another Wi-Fi network. Tor, said Wisniewski, does require some technical expertise to guarantee total anonymity. Under most circumstances, Wisniewski said, Kim's security precautions probably would have protected him.

"If you're buying an ounce of pot on the Silk Road, it's probably good enough," Wisniewski said, referring to the now defunct online drug marketplace. "But if you're going to call in bomb threats, it's not."

¨ No.574
Harvard Student Receives F For Tor Failure While Sending 'Anonymous' Bomb Threat

Dec 18, 2013

While the Harvard student did indeed use Tor, it was his other sloppy security measures that led to his arrest. The complaint says the university "was able to determine that, in the several hours leading up to the receipt of the e-mail messages ... Eldo Kim accessed Tor using Harvard’s wireless network."

What Kim didn’t realize is that Tor, which masks online activity, doesn't hide the fact that you are using the software. In analyzing the headers of the emails sent through the Guerrilla Mail account, authorities were able to determine that the anonymous sender was connected to the anonymity network.

Using that conclusion, they then attempted to discern which students had been using Tor on the Harvard wireless network around the time of the threats. Before firing up Tor, Kim had to log on to the school’s wireless system, which requires users to authenticate with a username and password. By going through network logs and looking for users who connected to the publicly-known IP addresses that are part of the Tor network, the university was able to cross-reference users that were using both Tor and its wireless internet around the time the bomb threats were received.

Given how quickly he was found, Kim was likely one of the few—if not the only—individuals on Tor around on Monday morning. According to authorities, he “anonymously” emailed threats including “"bombs placed around campus" at 8:30 a.m. to the Harvard University Police Department, two officials of Harvard University and the president of the Harvard Crimson, the student-run daily newspaper.

Shortly thereafter, Harvard police called in the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Secret Service, the Cambridge Police Department, the Boston Police Department and the Cambridge Fire Department. Around 3 p.m., long after Kim's exam had been canceled, officials concluded that the threats were a hoax and reopened the buildings.

Kim was taken into custody on Monday—identified as one of the few Harvard wireless users who was also on Tor at the time. When interviewed by an FBI agent and an officer with the Harvard University Police Department that night, Kim admitted to sending the bomb threat emails and said that he acted alone. The complaint says Kim was "motivated by a desire to avoid a final exam" scheduled to be held on Monday. Kim is set to appear in U.S. District Court later on Wednesday. If convicted, he could face a maximum of five years in prison, three years of suspended release, and a $250,000 fine.

And to think he could have had gotten away with it had he just used the wireless internet at a local Cambridge coffee shop.

¨ No.575
I know this story. This guy emailed a bomb threat to his university through Tor on the university wifi. The email came from a Tor exit node IP, so the admins looked for connections to Tor, found one at the right time, knocked on the guy's door and he confessed.

Moral of the story is to email your bomb threats using a Tor bridge or on a cafe's WiFi or both.
¨ No.628
Good post. I kind of doubt they would have been able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt if he just denied everything. Even having one other person on the University network using Tor at the time would add to plausible deniability.

Guess he was too stupid to graduate from Harvard anyway.

File: 1615314807416.jpg–(159.69KB, 531x412, 21126_Hampshire Police-123_low_cropped.jpg)
No.411  [Reply]
During a national police action from the police in the Netherlands and Belgium, 75 house searches were carried out and 30 people were arrested after investigation services had managed to crack encrypted messages via the "Sky ECC" message service from various criminal organizations.

28 firearms have been seized in Rotterdam, says the OM. According to the OM, thousands of kilos of drugs were seized, drug labs dismantled and 43 people arrested in previous actions in the context of the same investigation.

Since February of this year, investigative services have been able to monitor -likely via a server that they had taken over- the messages that suspects sent via Sky ECC. As a result, “dozens of planned serious violent crimes, including kidnappings, liquidations and shootings,” said the National Prosecutor’s Office in a press release.



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¨ No.581
1616341966316.png–(539.70KB, 1600x900, iprc_seized_banner.png)
The official SkyECC domain has been seized: http://skyecc.com
Arrest warrents have been issued for the Canadians behind Sky ECC: https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252497791/Arrest-warrants-for-Candians-behind-Sky-ECC-cryptophone-networks-used-by-organised-crime
¨ No.582
tox + tor > all
¨ No.583
>Instead of Sky ECC, use Session messenger app.
¨ No.625

Tor end nodes have been getting attacked for almost a year now. At this point nothing is really safe. Though I do agree

Tox+Tor >>> all

No.620  [Reply]
Yaşasın Irkımız Çine Bedel 40 ımız
¨ No.622
bilader anı
¨ No.624
1616710738314.jpg–(9.45KB, 474x315, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)
siktttirin gidin amk tirrriklari

No.619  [Reply]
Thanks for the wii games.
¨ No.623
You're welcome, sonny.


File: 1616355613289.jpg–(83.67KB, 560x372, a.jpg)
No.587  [Reply]
I found this site called deepsukebe.io that uses neural networks to add nude filters to images.
The owner is a huge faggot that wants you to pay to use it, so I haven't been able to try a lot of pics, but it seems to somewhat work under ideal conditions. There's probably a 2-step process that starts with detection as I was unable to cause weird shit to happen with the 5th pic, the pic just comes out unchanged. Sometimes it dies on its own though, as as the case with the second pic.

DeepSukebe - AI-Leveraged Nudifier
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¨ No.590
1616355908215.jpg–(21.92KB, 640x640, d.jpg)

¨ No.612
1616604941036.jpg–(93.56KB, 1023x779, depositphotos_4564068-stock-photo-man-hand-gesture)
¨ No.613
1616604968439.jpg–(29.68KB, 640x640, depositphotos_4564068-stock-photo-man-hand-gesture)
¨ No.616

File: 1613886436574.jpg–(57.70KB, 374x592, 6bfe4c87b8c124ca8586d8f2.jpeg)
No.220  [Reply]

by Wikipedia.
>Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai (Japanese: 湯神くんには友達がいない, lit. "Yugami Doesn't Have Any Friends") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Jun Sakura. It was serialized in Shogakukan's Shōnen Sunday S from May 2012 to September 2013, then moved to Weekly Shōnen Sunday, where it was serialized from October 2013 to May 2019. Its chapters were collected in sixteen tankōbon volumes.
>A transfer student at her new high school, Chihiro Watanuki is helped out by a student while finding a place to park her bicycle. After her class introduction concludes, she finds out that her seat is right next to the boy who helped her earlier that day. Her classmates inform her that he is Yuji Yugami, the ace of the Baseball Club. However, they also advise her to stay away from him, as he is known to be a bonafide weirdo and his actions are incomprehensible to most people. Unconvinced, she attempts to interact with him, quickly realizing that he is nothing but a pain to talk to and that the rumors were indeed true.
>Shortly afterward, Chihiro gets entangled in a sticky situation with the third-years, but Yuji once again comes to her rescue, albeit for his own self-righteous reasons. Convinced that there is more to him than meets the eye, she is determined to treat him unbiasedly and to live a normal high school life surrounded by friends.
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¨ No.596
Such things only happen in anime, manga, and eroge. So sad.
¨ No.598
I even don't have a girlfriend!
¨ No.614
Me neither.
¨ No.615
1616611619853.jpg–(43.72KB, 700x424, A500.jpg)
This is nice gf to buy.

File: 1612821788552.jpg–(71.26KB, 621x643, trannies woman gets a penis.jpg)
No.79  [Reply]
trannies woman gets a penis
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¨ No.83
it looks yummy!
¨ No.311
>female tranny
¨ No.605
1616538822749.jpg–(183.79KB, 935x1024, transfo2.jpg)
Fucking degenerate
¨ No.606
1616539511140.jpg–(118.36KB, 1024x743, transfo3.jpg)
They are the children of the king of Faggot: the DEVIL

File: 1616447997068.png–(691.13KB, 977x546, blob.png)
No.597  [Reply]
For those who missed it last night.



No.591  [Reply]
File: 1612743530800.jpg–(98.88KB, 750x536, a0000048_main.jpg)
No.36  [Reply]
Would you visit a maid cafe?
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¨ No.555
real rape: amalia 12 yeard and 2 men. 32 min video https://satoshi-box.com/pay/CC1Drg

real rape: amalia 12 yeard and 2 men. 32 min video https://satoshi-box.com/pay/CC1Drg
¨ No.557
What did they do to arcades?
¨ No.558
Little girl gangsters rob adults with guns.
¨ No.586

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