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File: 1615931356928.png–(82.49KB, 598x800, 3374cb9f3d34c62fa417b15077886937e93ea790 2.png)
No.535  [Reply]
come over, it has /random/ board
¨ No.536
no onion address? retard

File: 1615637385619.jpg–(9.75KB, 480x360, A dad is trying to rape his daughter.jpg)
No.484  [Reply]
A dad is trying to rape his daughter.
¨ No.485
wow bro so original and new. what's next, you gonna post the trollface?
¨ No.518
1615812567385.png–(80.64KB, 347x288, Trollface_non-free.png)
¨ No.534

File: 1615921590291.mp4–(139.44KB, 268x368, 0:05, Nagisa Shiota.mp4)
No.532  [Reply]
¨ No.533
Nagisa Shiota is a cross-dressing boy from Assassination Classroom.

File: 1614851158509.jpg–(103.16KB, 620x695, siscon.jpg)
No.327  [Reply]

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¨ No.333
1614851258182.jpg–(98.48KB, 640x480, woman suicide 001.jpg)

¨ No.334
1614851276492.jpg–(45.13KB, 640x480, woman suicide 002.jpg)

¨ No.335
1614851293141.jpg–(1.15MB, 2048x1536, woman suicide 003.jpg)

¨ No.531
1615920273782.jpg–(70.07KB, 474x843, school girl loli.jpeg)

File: 1615829216323.mp4–(11.29MB, 1920x1080, 2:38, Bongo Bong_1080p.mp4)
No.519  [Reply]
This is a great song from my childhood. Please listen and enjoy.
¨ No.520
lol internet

File: 1615713284556.jpg–(51.85KB, 700x393, kyouko car.jpg)
No.504  [Reply]
does tor works
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¨ No.508
Orbot + IceCatMobile works.
¨ No.515
can rephrase that in non-retard?
¨ No.516
Maybe the retated female just tested Tor by uploading images?
¨ No.517
Fair enough.
Then yes tor works.

No.512  [Reply]
New Browser Attack Allows Tracking Users Online With JavaScript Disabled

March 11, 2021

Researchers have discovered a new side-channel that they say can be reliably exploited to leak information from web browsers that could then be leveraged to track users even when JavaScript is completely disabled.

However, the latest research released this week aims to bypass such browser-based mitigations by implementing a side-channel attack called "CSS Prime+Probe" constructed solely using HTML and CSS, allowing the attack to work even in hardened browsers like
Chrome Zero, and DeterFox that have JavaScript fully disabled or limit the resolution of the timer API.

¨ No.513
Prime+Probe 1, JavaScript 0: Overcoming Browser-based Side-Channel Defenses

8 Mar 2021

The "eternal war in cache" has reached browsers, with multiple cache-based side-channel attacks and countermeasures being suggested. A common approach for countermeasures is to disable or restrict JavaScript features deemed essential for carrying out attacks.

>As a final contribution, we evaluate our techniques in hardened browser environments including the Tor browser, Deter-Fox (Cao el al., CCS 2017), and Chrome Zero (Schwartz et al., NDSS 2018).
We confirm that none of these approaches completely defend against our attacks.

¨ No.514
Yeah see, so you might as well just enable JavaScript and have more convenience on legit websites.

File: 1615722130511.png–(345.71KB, 1200x630, show_iStock_000040476064Large.png)
No.505  [Reply]
Is anywhere still raidstuff going on, or has this board already succumbed to sexual frustration and self pitty?
¨ No.509
We'll raid the nearby kindergarten to rape children.
¨ No.510
>Let's rape kindergartners!
¨ No.511
Kay, so that solves sexual frustration and raids but what about self pitty?

File: 1615685412824.png–(29.41KB, 1035x431, autorefresh.png)
No.498  [Reply]
tinyib now supports "auto refresh thread". Which means if a new reply is posted in a thread, it automatically displays the new reply for you. Of course this only works if you have JavaScript enabled.

¨ No.499
¨ No.500
but nobody uses JavaScript on darknet!
¨ No.501
I use JavaScript with Tor Browser because I don't visit sketchy sites. I prefer convenience.
¨ No.502
no CP, no drugs, no hacking? wow!

No.487  [Reply]
Acupuncture, in gynecology... yeah no wonder Chinese medical license in banned in India.

This thought itself is dangerous that one medical treatment is universal.

People have a risk of organ rejection post transfer surgery even within family members and they are talking about Acupuncture for everything. Lol.
¨ No.493
>Chinese medicine is not scientific. They're just traditional superstition.

Even Chinese doctors that studied in modern medical schools believe in this superstition!

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