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File: 1615468705836.jpg–(827.13KB, 828x1132, South Korean trap, jjamji bochu 001.jpeg)
No.449  [Reply]
South Korean trap

jjamji (zzamzi)

bochu (bochoo)
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¨ No.486
¨ No.488
I can't read Korean
¨ No.489
Domestic Baseball Gallery

child pussy or child dick

feminine dick
¨ No.491
보추 literally means "pussy + dick" and it really means a trap, an otokonoko, a male cross-dresser.

File: 1615656762463.mp4–(16.40MB, 1836x1080, 1:23, doodoocaca(www.albinoblacksheep.com).mp4)
No.490  [Reply]

File: 1613954106166.jpg–(282.17KB, 1256x1189, FaceApp feminized Audrey.jpg)
No.229  [Reply]
<FaceApp can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or
>change gender.
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¨ No.458
attempted that in the past, didn't seem to work. can a 2011 thinkpad420 manage a VM?
¨ No.459
people have reverse engineered the FaceApp api, there are projects on github
although they all seem out of date :/
¨ No.464
still the best one
don't you just want to caress her face
¨ No.465
You can caress his face. He might be able to wear makeup.

No.460  [Reply]
Police crack world’s largest cryptophone network as criminals swap EncroChat for Sky ECC

Belgian and Dutch police have breached the encryption of users of Sky ECC, the world’s largest cryptophone network. There are significant parallels with the international police operation against the EncroChat cryptophone network which led to hundreds of arrests

Bill Goodwin, Computer Weekly

Published: 10 Mar 2021 9:30

When the French gendarmerie, Dutch police and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) infiltrated the EncroChat encrypted phone network last summer, organised crime groups around the world opted to switch to a new phone supplier.

¨ No.461
Already a thread about this: >>411

File: 1615497412162.jpg–(172.36KB, 1280x1843, 026.jpg)
No.456  [Reply]
looking for this

No.444  [Reply]
¨ No.445
Ask your local mafia or drug dealers if they have something available.
¨ No.451
wear girls' clothes

sell your mouth and butthole to other guys

File: 1615417850950.jpg–(51.51KB, 393x500, 987f766434f8b7d2b2f2c121382640ec54a750eb0dee69822e)
No.432  [Reply]

¨ No.443
1615429949694.jpg–(74.21KB, 638x676, 1609212843199.jpg)

No.430  [Reply]
Does anyone have nth room stuff? A couple months ago i found some stuff about it.
¨ No.431

Go to South Korean chan and ask them. Most of them have the videos.

They use Session messenger app.

No.423  [Reply]
I'm not a fan of violence although I'm a violent kid in the past but it's all in the past and my taste change.

In our hometown if you slap someone so hard she fell on the ground she'll become a public meat toilet.

What's more he just throw that bottle on her head until she bleed so if that man was here, he would have been in jail and get raped up by jailed people because in our hometown jail people rape other jailed people base on how wrong they have done.
¨ No.425
in english maybe?

No.381  [Reply]
Is there no logo for Anonboard?
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¨ No.408
define('TINYIB_LOGO', '<a href="/"><img src="/female child.gif"></a><br>'); // Logo HTML
¨ No.409
How about link the logo to the main page?
¨ No.412
OK done.
¨ No.422
what about animated gif logo?

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