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File: 1614261451803.jpg–(182.98KB, 500x500, Donald Trump will make anime real.jpg)
It's the only reason I voted for the guy.
¨ No.279
Trump isn't president anymore.
¨ No.280
Now the world became absurd like anime world because of Trump!
¨ No.308
1614740194705.jpg–(217.18KB, 1309x1326, totally_organic_we_are_just_training_go--guys.jpg)
>Trump isn't president anymore.
Actually, he is. As far as the legal election results goes. Too bad he didn't have the balls to start a civil war to stop the Bolshevik usurpers from seizing control of the United States. I doubt he will find a /comfy/ place in the vaunted halls alongside George Washington tbh. I blame the fact he let the snake Jared whisper into his ear all that time.

Regardless, the actual true POTUS did actually try to do some good things, and he certainly put a burr up the ass of established (((evil))) that has had absolute control over the US Administration since at least 1965. Sad.
¨ No.525
1615898702940.gif–(2.69MB, 384x276, 766 1000.gif)
I met my girlfriend at my university.
¨ No.527
Her pussy was too loose since many guys fucked her before I did it.
¨ No.528
1615908906435.jpg–(233.34KB, 668x1558, UwU.jpg)
I went to university and became a girl!
¨ No.529
1615909263257.png–(3.51MB, 2169x3437, intersex.png)
>be you
<be gay
>suck a dick
<the end
¨ No.541
You fags are doing the exact same shit you made fun of the left for doing when hillary lost in 2016. "iT's tOtaLlY A coNspIRicY GuIz!!! tHe rUssIns/jeWs RiGged thE eLeCtIon!!!" No they didn't. Get that dick out of your ass and admit you lost like a real man. People these days are such fucking pussies jesus christ
¨ No.547
1616024115991.png–(794.35KB, 2000x1850, Archbishop Vigano.png)
That vertical line though.
¨ No.550
too long did not read
¨ No.553
1616113403964.png–(180.08KB, 1000x922, roll d8 damage.png)
You have sustained a lethal injury.
Sorry, but your mission ends here.
¨ No.725
¨ No.737
>of established (((evil))) that has had absolute control over the US Administration since at least 1965.
>since at least 1965

Do you read his books before?

¨ No.771
1617907552511.jpg–(176.05KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg)
traps have little boy dicks

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