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File: 1617567117253.jpg–(129.00KB, 980x634, 66666.jpg)
"For Russian Jews, low levels of anti-Semitism are temporary
While today the Jewish community enjoys historic tolerance on the streets of Russia, its members are looking to the future without their perceived champion Vladimir Putin with trepidation, a new study shows."

¨ No.690
1617567138148.jpg–(95.57KB, 1280x620, 666666.jpg)
Photo from center of (((Moscow))).
¨ No.691
1617567165083.jpg–(30.06KB, 484x334, 666.jpg)

¨ No.692
1617567463077.jpg–(520.47KB, 2048x1444, 6666.jpg)

¨ No.706
Putin is kiked just like the West is.
¨ No.733

Why? On "Russia Today" wrote what he is savior of the white race. This is true?
¨ No.734
Slavs aren't white, so no.
¨ No.750
>Slavs aren't white, so no.
So, who is white, anyway?
¨ No.753
Native Western Europeans.

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